Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in Canada for the next four days.
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Hi guys! We are still in America but now we are writing from Toronto. Our flight was a bit weird since there was no food on the plane and we were starving! So, the first thing we did was to eat and try not to empty the stock of the supermarket!
Now we are going to rest because tomorrow we need to have our batteries charged!


Second day in Toronto and we are ready to rock! Now that we have our new song almost ready we just want to play it nonstop.. and perfectly! So the day was basically focus on that. Tomorrow we’ll have our first showcase here, so we’re very excited and want to do the best of it!
To end the day we had dinner at a Portuguese Restaurant.


Toronto it’s a lovely place. Quite different from Los Angeles, but it’s amazing how every place has its own history and let us feel inspired. Today we are going back to the studio and make another presentation, this time to the music industry. And let’s face it… we are a little bit nervous. Tomorrow we’ll give you more news. See you!


Hi everyone! The showcase we had today was really nice… e were with portuguese media so it was a little bit like home. It’s very funny when you are so far away and so close.
Now we are going to sleep because the last three days were dedicated to the shows!


The sun is shining and we are ready to make the best in our last day!
Today’s show will be for brands. We are very excited to meet everyone… and we hope everything is perfect!
Since it’s our last day here and we don’t have must time left, we will try to do some souvenir shopping in the end of the day. But we can’t get lost in time, because we still have to pack. Tomorrow we’re coming back home! But not for long…

See you in the next adventure!!